Research & Development

The nutraceutical industry today is a $187 billion global industry. The advancements in nutrition and food technology over the last decade, soaring healthcare costs and an overall increase in health consciousness have all contributed to the growth of this industry. Research into the development of new and patented products and the ability to demonstrate their clinical benefits have led the nutraceutical industry into a new era of medicine and health; one that is dependent on scientific research and analysis.

Our R&D team is staffed with highly qualified and dedicated personnel who develop products conforming to the company's stringent quality standards. The R&D team's impressive results in the development of new and innovative products and improvement of existing products have contributed significantly not only to the company but also to the rapidly growing herbal industry. Natsyn Catalysts has several patented products to its credit with a patent coverage extending to a large number of countries around the world. Natsyn Catalysts has received national awards for two consecutive years (2009 and 2010) for its multi-fold patents and industrial innovation. Our knowledge of herbs and our ability to conduct research at a high level led the Indian Government to sanction Natsyn Catalysts a project to develop monographs for Indian herbs and their extracts and assimilate a comprehensive Indian Pharmacopeia. All of our achievements find their root cause in extensive scientific research that the company has always encouraged.

Natsyn Catalysts has adopted efficient process development as one of the key areas of our research. We design and engineer original advanced industrial production processes for the efficient production of existing products and improved productivity. Our research and development centre also collects data used for statistical analysis to allow targeting of marketing efforts towards our desired focus group.

Our field work is the basis of new and innovative concepts. Our research starts from our farms where field concepts are generated, and finally ends in the laboratory with a pilot plant. We have a tie up with over 20 academic institutions in India, USA, Australia, Thailand, South Africa and other countries and we actively sponsor original, independent university studies on our ingredients for various projects like animal studies, clinical studies, isolation of marker compounds, characterization of markers, tissue culture and establishing scientific validation for mechanism of action. The unprejudiced results of these university studies are compared with results from our labs for uniformity and to validate our safety, efficacy and marketing claims. Once satisfied with the outcome of the results, we move forward with commercial manufacturing and worldwide marketing.

In spite of our vast knowledge base,we are also keen to learn.We work very closely with innovative people of our various customers confidentially to develop their custom requirement. Every challenge provides a new learning opportunity and scope to develop new processes, products and technologies. And it is this attitude that leads us to a bright tomorrow...