Quality has always been at the epicenter of the growth of an industry and the success of a company in a competitive world. Natsyn Catalysts is aware of its role as a provider of standardized herbal extracts. We understand that to improve the quality of human lives, our herbal extracts need to be of the highest and most consistent quality. And it is this immovable belief in manufacturing quality products that has brought us success over the years and given us a competitive advantage over other nutraceutical providers.

In Natsyn Catalysts, quality is built into every stage of production. We have rigid specifications for raw materials, intermediates, finished products and packing materials. Every batch is tested to comply with these specifications.

Natsyn Catalysts Chem owns more than 200 acres of farm land which it uses to grow its own herbs. This backward integration to our farms ensures a consistent supply of quality raw material and allows us to control which species of a particular herb is grown. We practice and encourage organic cultivation in our farm which is certified by Control Union Certifications, Netherlands (formerly known as SKAL International). Organic farming guarantees the safety and efficacy of the raw herb before extraction and also preserves the soil nutrients.

We guarantee quality in a wide spectrum and provide an elaborate Certification of Analysis for every batch. Our specifications include physical and chemical parameters, quantification of active compounds, estimation of complete microbial profile, residual solvents, residual pesticides, heavy metals profile, organic volatile impurities, related substances, aflatoxins and organoleptic parameters. This provides a transparency that instills a confidence about Natsyn Catalysts in our clients.

Our role in guaranteeing quality does not end with the manufacture of the product. Traceability of the herb is also a part of our quality assurance. Control samples are maintained for every batch produced for quick retrievals. We use controls such as batch numbering, analytical reference numbering, in-process labels, status board displays for every operation and batch manufacturing recording to re-trace the final product to its origins if necessary. Every stage of Quality Control is documented.

At Natsyn Catalysts, we have a highly dedicated and experienced team of quality control experts who are on board with our philosophy regarding quality. Their integrity is unmatched and their focus unflinching. When you buy from Natsyn Catalysts, you are presented quality with a confidence that is supported by our farms, our machines, our validated procedures, our team and our promise of assuring quality from the root upwards...