Products & Services

From its inception in 1997, Natsyn Catalysts has grown leaps and bounds and we now manufacture over 150 herbal products and extracts that are available in many countries across the world. We enjoy a comfortable position in the nutraceutical industry as a reliable and exciting company, growing with a lot of promise.

Our focus on assuring quality from the root upwards complimented by extensive R&D has seen us produce effective herbal extracts for human ailments, skin care, hair care, cosmetics etc. We have introduced many certified, organic, herbal extracts in the US and other countries especially for supplementation, vitamins, minerals etc.

Throughout the years, Natsyn Catalysts has maintained its standards of quality. We are second to none in quality assurance and quality control of our products and extracts. Our state of the art manufacturing facility has the capacity to extract 1500 tons of herbs per annum leading to a large and consistent output.

Our efforts have not gone unrecognized and our achievements speak for themselves. The latest feather in our cap was the approval of our Caralluma Fimbriata extract (Slimaluma) by the Australian TGA, a major success and a rare feat in the nutraceutical industry.

In keeping with our insatiable appetite for exploring new avenues with improved research and development, knowledge, resources and experience, Natsyn Catalysts is looking to increase its product range, and also enter new and challenging areas that possess the potential for further growth.