In keeping with our motto "Assuring quality from the root upwards", the quality of our final product is built on the quality standard we introduce right at the beginning. This is where cultivation of herbs becomes a key aspect of our success.

Natsyn Catalysts cultivates most of the herbs it uses on its own well organized farms spanning more than two hundred acres in Tamil Nadu in South India. One of our farms has been certified for organic cultivation by Control Union Certifications, Netherlands (formerly known as SKAL International). The farms are home to a wide variety of herbs and we are looking to develop another 300 acres to meet the increasing demand.

How does this help?

Maintaining quality – Natsyn Catalysts follows international quality standards for all of its manufacturing and development. By growing our own herbs, we can maintain our high quality standards in the farm and assure that safe and effective herbs are processed and used. As the herb is the most important element in the entire process, cultivation of herbs gives us the confidence to promise our customers traceability and products of the highest quality standards.

Choosing the right species – Different species of a single herb can have different characteristics. Cultivation of a particular species in your own farm allows you to control what goes into developing the final product. Stringent quality measures are observed during all tests and all doubts are cleared before proceeding.

Organic cultivation – Natsyn Catalysts promotes organic farming methods by following the same in its own farms which are certified by international inspection and certification bodies. By doing without chemicals, we protect the natural richness of the herb, thereby maintaining its purity and enhancing its effectiveness.

Constant supply – With the demand for herbs being large and, often recurring, assured supply of quality herbs can sometimes be a problem. Cultivation of our own herbs eliminates this problem altogether.

Employment – The farms also offer employment opportunities for the local people and have helped improve their lives.