Company Profile

The goal of Life is living in agreement with nature... - Zeno (335BC – 264BC)

Here, we give you a brief overview of Natsyn Catalysts. To read more about each of our services and qualities, please feel free to browse the site by using the tabs above or directly through the sitemap.

  • Natsyn Catalysts deals with herbal ingredients and formulations.
  • Started in 1997 by the Rajendrans, Natsyn Catalysts has combined an innate understanding of medicinal plants with its commitment to quality and research to grow into a company that has enjoyed success across the globe
  • Natsyn Catalysts's corporate office is located in central Bangalore, about 48 kms from the city's International Airport.
  • After beginning near the corporate office, the manufacturing plant and factory were moved to the Attibele Industrial Park, about 78 kms from the airport as part of Natsyn Catalysts's expansion project in 2006. The new, larger facility is a certified 100% Export Oriented Unit and the relocation has been followed by an appreciable increase in the production levels of the company corresponding to a greater demand for our products.
  • With an annual herb extraction capacity of over 1500 tons, Natsyn Catalysts exports in bulk around the world. We also have marketing offices in USA and Hong Kong.
  • Natsyn Catalysts has successfully passed several audits from external agencies and is ISO 22000:2005 certified. All of Natsyn Catalysts's products and extracts are certified by Kosher as well as Halal.
  • Natsyn Catalysts cultivates its own herbs in over 200 acres of our well organized farms.
  • Clinical studies, efficacy and toxicity tests, safety are just some of the ways we keep abreast of our competition.
  • Natsyn Catalysts has received national awards for two consecutive years (2009 and 2010) for its multi-fold patents and industrial innovation.
  • The Indian Government has sanctioned Natsyn Catalysts a project to develop monographs for Indian herbs and their extracts and assimilate a comprehensive Indian Pharmacopeia.
  • Our motto - Assuring quality from the root upwards...